The Faces Behind DeepMetis

DeepMetis operates as a fully remote organization, with each of our 20 employees hand-selected from regional ecosystems across three continents for their expertise and passion for AI. This unique structure not only allows us to tap into a wealth of cultural insights and technological prowess but also fosters a dynamic environment of innovation, collaboration, and flexibility. Our commitment to being fully remote empowers us to attract top-tier talent worldwide, ensuring that we deliver advanced, impactful AI solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our global clientele.

Ferdinand Biere

Ferdinand is co-founder and CEO at DeepMetis. With a rich background in software engineering and an academic background from Technische Universität Berlin in Computer Science, he has spent the past five years navigating the intersection of technology and business strategy. His journey, marked by hands-on product development as an entrepreneur and successful collaborations with DAX companies, reflects a deep commitment to leveraging technology for transformative business outcomes.

Mauritz Andreae

As co-founder and R&D-spear head, Mauritz brings a wealth of experience from his educational background in Computer Science and Physics at the Technische Universität Berlin, coupled with a passionate commitment to connecting and growing talent and technology across borders. He has been at the forefront of AI development, starting with working on LLMs on GPT-2 back in 2019, training Stable Diffusion models, delving into reinforcement learning, and applying computer vision to satellite imagery.